Sunday, November 30, 2014

Megahobby EXPO 2014 [AUTUMN]: When They're Back!

We're finally back to cover the events in a short time, and it seems that it's not the most important come-back to talk about today, but about 7 out of  the 8 new figures that are for already POP'd characters! We've got some big surprises during the new Megahobby EXPO 2014 [AUTUMN] edition, some of you will appreciate, some will still ask for Buggy, anyway... let's see what's inside!

At first, I was going to call this article: The will of "K" (in place of When They're Back!), why? Simply because we have 8 new figures that are: Kid, Killer, Koala, Bon Kure, BrooK, HancocK, Zoro and Sabo. Too much "K" in the name of the announced characters, (stupid, huh)! Let's start with the first K:

Eustass "Captain" Kid - P.O.P Sailing Again: The magnetism Devil Fruit user is back, we haven't see him a lot after the time-skip but we clearly noticed that Kid has lost his left arm and he replaced it with a mechanical one using his magnetism abilities. This metallic arm is well detailed, not complicated as for the first Kid figure, but it's really good! The scars of his face and body are looking deep on the figure, so expect to get another epic MAS (the artist) figure! No details concerning the price and the release date for all of the figures, so we should hear more soon...

Killer - P.O.P Sailing Again: If the captain is back, so Killer is! Kid's subordinate is back with a lot of muscles and... scars (burn scars) too! I wonder what huge battle that led to all these losses for both of them. Killer is standing with his scythe-bladed weapons attached to his armbands in a static pose unlike the previous figure. We need to see the colored prototype soon because these two guys are really looking badass!

Sabo - P.O.P Sailing Again: This is not a real surprise, no one would bet that Megahouse will not show a Sabo during this event! The adult Sabo is a real good piece! This is not a surprise too, since the sculptor is the amazing Ishiyama Yuuki.

Koala - P.O.P Sailing Again: The only new character for this event, Koala of the Revolution Army is very cute. The 23 years old young lady is tall, slim, curvaceous and well-endowed, with a pronounced hourglass figure, and wears a crimson newsboy cap with goggles, a pink shirt with frilly collar, a maroon short skirt, and black thigh-high stockings and brown boots. Unfortunately we can't see the colors yet (even I described them). But I can promise that we will see her pants once we get her released! (Hentai!).

Mr.2 Bon Kure - P.O.P Neo DX: It's always a pleasure to see Bentham, after a Neo figure, a Limited Repaint, Mr.2 is back with an Impel Down ver.! The figure is dynamic, I just wish for more gadgets and alternatives to come with it, it looks a little naked now.

Roronoa Zoro 10th LIMITED Ver. - P.O.P Neo DX: I saved the best piece for the last, Zoro is finally, finally finally wearing his original outfit! Megahouse, you did it! We all hoped for this one to place it near the Neo Mugiwaras in place of the Skypiea Zoro. The new figure is called 10th LIMITED Ver. just like the most recent Ace figure.

Boa Hancock - P.O.P CB-EX and Brook - P.O.P CB-EX: OK, now let's talk about the little CB figures! Boa Hancock will finally join the children band. She's the cutest girl ever. It's nice to see Megahouse showing interest for the CB series again, beside reprinting the first figures, they finally decided to launch a CB figure for Brook to complete the Mugiwaras set! Our favorite skeleton has chair now so we should benefit of the moment! In addition to that, CB-2R series is announced: Zoro, Nami and Nojiko are the next and we will have their own re-edition.