Luffy, Sanji & Robin: Bases Got Colors!

OK guys, we've got some light news for today! It seems that the reprints of Luffy, Sanji and Nico Robin are not just simple reprints. Megahouse is announcing them as new figures! (You don't say?). Well, it's true that they are typically the same figures, but they will certainly have different boxart since they already have different bases comparing the first figures.

Called CB-1R (R for... let me guess, Reprint?), this line is reproducing the same CB-1 figures. But this time, Luffy's got red base, Sanji's got a blue one while purple for Robin! I have to admit it looks better with the colors. It's a smart step from Megahouse, old and rare figures will remain old and rare! New collectors who will not pay a fortune to get these will not take the opportunity and pretend to own the rare items! (Trolololol).

One last thing, the release date will be March 2015 while the price will ¥2750 each! So the price for both will be pretty good! I know people who paid more than ¥10000 for Luffy! So you're lucky guys! Enjoy this opportunity, and we are really looking forward for the rest of the CB series reprints!