Animarket: Preorders open for Law 2.5, Luffy Sanji & Robin CB-1R!

Hi guys! Preorders at Animarket are opened and as always, you can find the best offers there! For this months, we've got the release of the sexy Trafalgar Law Ver.2.5 - P.O.P Limited Edition, the naked figure of the doc, but we also have the reissue of the rare CB-1 figures! Luffy, Sanji and Robin are getting a new reprint as a new series under the CB Class. The prices at Animarket are pretty good and they remain the winners of the best price title! Law is 83.50$ only, while for each of the 3 children, a very little price is announced: 31.95$ only! Awesome no? Go ahead guys and secure your preorders before the deadline or the end of the stock! Good luck and happy preorders!