Trafalgar Law Ver.2.5! Back to the future?

Already? Yes, this is not a (bad) joke! We haven't even got our figures and Megahouse is already announcing a Ver.2.5 of Trafalgar Law Ver.2 - POP Sailing Again!!! A total scandal or bad marketing policy, this announcement is due to the votes happened last year, where voters chose their favorite One Piece characters so Megahouse will release an additional figure for the two most popular of them. The result was Nami and Law, and that was how we've got the Nami MUGIWARA version.

X.5 editions are usually improved version of the original figure, but the original is not even out that they are already announcing the improved version? Anyway, let's just wait and see! The new Law figure will be released in March 2015, the price is ¥7992 and it will be a Limited Edition. More will come later, stay tuned :(

Cosplay by TrafalgarLaw1990