Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[UPDATES] Nami MUGI Ver.2, Ace 10TH Ver. & Armored Franky!

Hey guys! We've got some light news and quick updates concerning some figures; The new Ace figure, Nami MUGIWARA Ver.2, Armored Franky and Edward Newgate - P.O.P Neo EX Special Reprint!

Like you can notice, it's not classified as LIMITED Edition anymore, it's a Neo DX... The Ishiyama Yuuki signed figure will get its preorders in one day. The release is expected to happen in December 2014 and the price will be around ¥8800. We've also got some leaked official promo pictures where we can see a smiling face, and which is a very nice addition!

The new figure of our favorite sexy sailor has got some new promo pictures, and now we have some new angles and some hot stuff! Actually, these magazine scanned pictures (click to see more pics) show more attractive views of Nami and make the fans want it more and more! Enjoy these until the online update! The release date was previously announced, it will be February 2015! (Have to be patient!)

Megahouse launched a survey based on votes to chose which figure from the Limited Edition series should have a second reprint. Fans have gave their words and the result is here! It's (obviously) Armored Franky - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM who wins and get the first place! Fans should be happy to have their second chance! The preorders of the second edition should start in few days depending on Megatreashop website and the price will be higher than the first edition, it's about ¥17280 for this time! Sadi-Chan arrived second, Megahouse are announcing it with a "COMING SOON" tag... maybe a future release should be expected too! Who knows!

That's not all, we've got a promo poster of the new Whitebeard figure announced recently: Edward Newgate - P.O.P Neo EX Special Reprint! Seeing the poster, there is nothing special (YET!) comparing to the Neo DX version! So it must probably be a 4th release of this figure, I wonder if someone of you guys is still desperate to get it...