Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boa Hancock : The Lady in Red is back!!!

Hey guys what's up! Just few hours before the preorders start, and we've got some interesting updates! First news is a real surprise! Actually, Megahouse decides to reissue another Boa Hancock figure! Well, it's not really a new one, but this time they are reprinting the Neo DX Boa and will include the winkle face from the Neo EX Blue Ver. one!

A useless figure for those who already have both (since you can combine faces between the 2 statues) but it's a nice opportunity for those who are hunting the old lady in red! Especially that its price is burning! The new Boa is a limited reproduction, but will certainly be available for preorders with Fujitora and Sugar! Price will be ¥7800 for a release in November 2014.

Concerning the second update, Nami MUGIWARA Ver.2 - P.O.P Limited Edition have got a release date! The sexy lady will be in your mail boxes starting from February 2015, it's a long period to wait for the such epic boobs figure, but I know it will deserve waiting! Price is still unknown, but we will keep updating once we get something!