Megahobby EXPO 2014 [SPRING]: The unexpected!

Better late than never, today we're publishing our P.O.P review from the Megahobby EXPO 2014 [SPRING] one month later due to some life stuff that slowed down things here. Actually, the Megahobby EXPO happened on May, 31 at Akiba Square (UDX 2F). The show was very big, and concerning the Portrait of Pirates, we were so surprised...

Actually, Megahouse announced 8 new figures, 6 of them are new characters that never got P.O.P'd before! We're starting with the most unexpected figure ever, the Thunder Soldier!

Thunder Soldier of Rage - P.O.P Sailing Again: That's a real surprise, getting a P.O.P figure for a temporary form of a character (I don't spoil, but you all guys know that this toy is human after all). The figure looks small, but funny. I guess Megahouse is planning to make some good alternative pieces to give enough reasons for collectors to get it! Release date will be October 2014.

Rebecca - P.O.P CB-EX: This is a good reason to see Thunder Soldier, because it will fit well next to child Rebecca. She looks cute with her soft colors and tiny body. No much details, but the figure is already very nice to look at. The release date is October 2014 too.

Issho Fujitora - P.O.P Sailing Again: It's always a pleasure to get a Marine figure, the new Admiral is getting popular very fast, and he's already getting his own sculpt! Actually, the figure looks quite terrible, but we can't judge it yet since all the pictures we've got are from the same angle. We hope for a better facial revision from Megahouse. It happened before to underestimate a figure and we were all wrong, so I hope this time it's the same for such an epic character. No more details are available yet, but since we've got the colored prototype, I guess the preorders are for soon!

Next three figures are from the Donquixote Pirates! Yes, that band is so cool and deserve some figures! After Doflamlingo and Bellamy, we get former officer Viola, Lao G and Sugar!

Viola - P.O.P Sailing Again: Viola looks so pretty and hot with her curvaceous body and Flamenco dress. Her dancing pose make all the beauty of the figure! Classical poses are rare these days, and this is another plus for such a good figure. Despite her gigantic breast, Viola remains a very good surprise of this event!

Sugar - P.O.P Sailing Again: This is not a little girl, she's a pirate! Sugar is another member of the Donquixote Pirates and since no much details are given in the anime yet, I'll just pass by. The figure looks good for now, and we hope for more details during the next event or updates.

Lao G - P.O.P Sailing Again: And this old man is a pirate too! Lao G is the next figure to get revealed during the event. The details on his face look good, the body and the pose too. So now we got 3 new Donquixote pirates, we really hope for Baby 5!

During the show, Megahouse celebrated 10 years of POP! Yes, the Portrait Of Pirates figure collection started since April 2004 with Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Series 1 as first figure ever! And since, that collection became the most rich and finest One Piece collection ever! To celebrate this event properly, Megahouse announced a new Portgas D. Ace figure to memorize the 10th anniversary of their awesome PVC pirates.

Portgas D. Ace 10th Anniversary Ver. - P.O.P Limited Edition: This Ace figure will be so far the best and the most faithful figure to the character! The details are just perfect, the figure is complete (finally his bag!) and for the first time, we've got a perfect face! The 10th Anniversary figure will be a Limited Edition, but we still don't know how will it be sold. One thing is sure, it's a must have!

Nami MUGIWARA Ver.2 - P.O.P Limited Edition: Every figure of Nami is welcomed! Especially this one! She looks gorgeous and SEXYYYyyy!!! The MUGIWARA Ver.2 shows a post time-skip Nami holding a wooden mug and wearing Luffy's post time-skip clothes in a feminine sexy and hot manner. A good piece to place next to MUGIWARA Vet. (1) or just fire the Sailing Again Nami and replace it!

Here we end this report, the Megahobby show was awesome and full of news. We still wish that Megahouse give an ear to their fans and realize their wishlist of figures. There is a lot of characters that deserve to get P.O.Ps, and we are really looking forward to get them someday! Enjoy these pictures guys, and don't forget the next event! The Wonder Festival 2014 [Summer] will take place on July 27th, Sunday, 2014! (More about...)