Saturday, April 26, 2014

Preorders: Hakuba no Cavendish Limited Edition

Next preorders are announced! We will get the handsome Pirate Prince, the magnificent Cavendish of the White Horse, Super Rookie and the captain of the Beautiful Pirates. Another amazing addition and another Limited Edition figure, but no worries, the figure will be also available for everyone. Hakuba no Cavendish - P.O.P Limited Edition (I will not spoil more, sorry) will be available for preorders starting from Friday, 9th of May 2014 at MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium for a future release in August 2014, the price will be ¥9990. Standard preorders should start at the same period but we will update once they are officially announced. So stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Shots of Bellamy!

First close pictures of the full-muscled Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again! The figure is really impressive and big. Bellamy is the second character to get a figure from Dressrosa arc, right after Rebecca. It look stunning and very detailed. If you haven't preordered it yet, get a closer look at this awesome piece and you maybe will change your mind. Preorders are still open for a short time at Animarket for 79.95$.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Animarket: Preorders open for Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again!

And here we go! Preorders for the amazing Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again are available at our favorite store Animarket! And it's for an amazing price, only $79.95 for such an amazing figure full of muscles! Fans should be glad for such a success! Bellamy looks cool and very big! Don't waste your time nor your money elsewhere, Animarket have the best prices as always! Don't forget to secure your piece before the deadline! Good luck!

Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again

Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again
Bellamy The Hyena - P.O.P Sailing Again

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preorders: Bellamy The Hyena Sailing Again!

After "no P.O.P" announcement for this month, Megahouse added to their preorders agenda an unexpected release, we all were waiting to get as next figure the little Momonosuke, but, Megahouse just announced that next preorders will be for the muscled Bellamy The Hyena - POP Sailing Again. Preorders date will be Tuesday 8th of April 2014 at 09:00 AM (GMT) (06:00 PM Japan) for a future release in July 2014, the price will be ¥8800