Friday, March 7, 2014

[DEBRIEFING] March 2014!

Our second debriefing is here (a little bit late, sorry)! For March 2014, the releases are numerous and awesome, we've got one preorder, but no events unfortunately... Check the details with us!

Releases: There is 3 releases! Finally, the release of Roronoa Zoro Edition-Z figure after the delay! We've got the second MAS figure; Chopper Horn Point! And finally, another new Limited Edition which is Sengoku.

Armored Franky - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUMArmored Franky - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUMArmored Franky - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM

Preorders: It started since March 5th, the preorders of Gladiator Rebecca Sailing Again are still opened at Animarket until March 20th!

Gladiator Rebecca - P.O.P Sailing Again

Preorders open at Animarket:

Event: No event this month!