Preorders: Trafalgar Law Sailing Again & Again & Again!

This is not real hot news, it's old now because I found no interest to talk about it, but I think I must say it after all... Yeah! ( >.> ) Trafalgar Law POP Sailing Again is getting a new reprint! We're so excited to buy the same figure for the third time! Get it guys! Get it!

Honestly, the last reprint of Law was in November, stores stocks are still full of this figure, so all I can say (If Megahouse haven't made a mistake and switched between this version and the new Ver.2) is that there is no marketing logical at all! I guess 90% of Law's fans already got served, and the other 10% can buy it anytime from anywhere, the market is full, thanks to Megahouse who are overloading their machines for a useless stock. Anyway, good luck for those who don't have it, preorders will be next Thursday, January 16th. I doubt this news deserves the countdown, but here is it: