Sunday, September 15, 2013

LIMITED Nami, Brook & Chopper: Some Updates!

Hi dears, here is some updates for the weekend! This is concerning the release date, price and type of limitation for the following 3 figures: Nami Mugiwara Ver. - P.O.P Limited EditionTony Tony Chopper Crimin Ver. - P.O.P Sailing AgainBrook Funky Donkey Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again. Check it up!

Nami Mugiwara Ver. - P.O.P Limited Edition: let's start with our sexy lady! Release price will be ¥7000 (probably ¥7350 including taxes) for a release in February 2014. This figure will be exclusive for MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium.

Tony Tony Chopper Crimin Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again: The Crimin version of Chopper will be release in December 2013, price will be around ¥3000 but the limitation is still unknown.

Brook Funky Donkey Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again: Finally, the musician skeleton will get his Donkey Funky repaint in December 2013 too, price to be determined yet but it will be a Don Quijote and Mega Don Quijote physical shops limitation only. (Like Mokey D. Garp Ver.0).

December will be a hot month for the serious collectors! These are primary details addition, more should come soon, so expect to see some changes (seeing the mass of delays Megahouse is doing recently). And until then, stay tuned guys!