Sunday, September 1, 2013

C3XHOBBY 2013: The Luffy Style!

This is our C3XHOBBY 2013 coverage, the event happened last Saturday, September 31st 2013 at Makuhari Messe, and we're very glad and surprised for having a new figure of Nami and the painted version of the Edition-Z Luffy! In addition, there is more pictures of the next months preorders! It was an awesome exposition, check it out!

Nami Mugiwara Ver. - P.O.P Limited Edition: This is the most noticeable revelation of the C3XH and the most interesting extra Nami figure! Our lady is wearing Luffy stylish clothes and she looks sexy and amazing: The straw hat, the red jacket, the short jeans pants and the sandals are so good on her. Details about this are still unknown, but we already know that this figure will be a Limited one. More details will follow once they are revealed...

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z: We finally get the colored prototype of Luffy Edition-Z! The colors are pretty good and give a better idea about the figure itself. It's a good Luffy dynamic posture, the face is well done and they fixed the scar on his chest comparing to the very small version exposed on the figure during the Wonder Festival 2013 [SUMMER]. We still don't see new alternative poses, but they announced that the figure will not be released before the Spring of 2014.

Nefertari Vivi - P.O.P Neo DX: The blue-haired princess is looking so majestic on her royal dress. Another great female figure signed Ajiken (Yes, the style is very obvious). This will be September's preorder, the price is announced as ¥8190. So expect to see the official pictures very soon!

Roronoa Zoro - P.O.P Edition-Z: The badass Zoro's release date has been pushed from January to February 2013. The price is still unknown, and we still don't see any new alternative part. But the figure is so badass and dynamic! Zoro is holding two swords in attack position, we hope that they will include the santoryu attack too.