Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Animarket: Arabasta preorders!

Like every month, our favourite store "Animarket" launches the preorders with the best prices! And for this month, there is two heavy figures! First is the pretty and majestic princess Nefertari Vivi, available at Animarket for $75.00 only. The lady is looking so nice with her two alternative heads and the removable cape, in addition, she looks so shiny! Second one is a very popular antagonist (maybe future protagonist, maybe!!!) from One Piece, yes, it's him: Sir Crocodile. Megahouse decides to release a repaint edition with better color scheme and shinier paintings. This is a very good chance for those who don't own the first print since the price is crazily increasing! Crocodile is available at Animarket for $79.95 only! What do we want more? Let's jump over there! Good luck!