Wonder Festival 2013 [SUMMER]: Some CUTE news!

I was hesitating when writing the article's title, will I say: Color Festival EXPO or... ? OK, like the title says, this new version of the Wonder Festival brings some cute news! Yes, you're guessing right, it's all about Chopper! The doc's got 2 new figures, but that's not all for the exposition, we've got 4 colored prototypes and 2 Limited Repaints... Let's get deeper!

As always, Megahouse participated on the bi-annual event, and they showed some great stuff from their future products! Concerning the P.O.P section, we've got a new Series called POP MAS (Monster Action Series maybe ?) and it starts with Rob Lucci Leopard Ver. and Chopper Horn Point:

Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point - P.O.P MAS, it's the best surprise we get from this event, Megahouse finally decided to make the most popular Chopper alternative form, it's cute, dynamic and scaled! Close to a human form, this version looks good, and in my opinion, this one will look great next to the Sailing Again set, maybe better than the little original Doc!

Rob Lucci Ver. Leopard - P.O.P MAS, and this is the first figure to get a release for the MAS series, the colored prototype is so delicious, I'm still enjoying when looking at it. The colors combination is a win, the Leopard texture is super-detailed on all the figure especially on the head and the arms, even the scars on his back are pretty good, I'm sure this one is very appreciated. Release will be this December for ¥7980.

Tony Tony Chopper Crimin Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again, we continue with the second Chopper revelation, it's the Crimin Version! Pappug is still making some amazing fashions for the Mugiwaras and this time it's cute but not sexy! This figure is very special, first noticeable thing is the base, this is the third figure to get a unique base. After Shirahoshi and Shiki, Chopper is sitting on a barrel holding the Mugiwaras Jolly Roger with Portrait.Of.Pirates written on it. Megahouse is announcing it as a Limited figure, in addition, the flag is giving some clues that this figure will be to celebrate an event concerning the P.O.P series, still unknown but I guess that Megahouse is using the Crimin Fashion line to celebrate their achievements...

Brook Funky Donkey Ver. - P.O.P Sailing Again, this is a simple metallic repaint version of the Sailing Again Brook, not many known about this figure neither the reason of the re-edition, but it's here! Colors seems to be nice and shiny, but it ends there, nothing special or important with it and the Sailing Again Brook is not rare enough to release a Limited Edition of it. They could do a Bellmer maybe...

Sir Crocodile Repaint Ver. - P.O.P Limited Edition, this is a fair good surprise! I feel more comfortable when I see such a repaint, Megahouse managed to deal with an untouchable figure, they turned it from perfect, to PERFECTLY PERFECT! Crocodile is amazing with the color retouches, they went with deeper and pale colors and more gradients, his weapon is shiny now and the base is turned from beige to black, I guess many of you are happy now they can buy a Croco-boy without having to pay double prices for the old rare one!

Aokiji Kuzan - P.O.P Edition-Z, we finally get a repaint prototype of that awesome figure, colors are really really good, and they give a new dimension to the figure, the details of the figure are now clearer to enjoy, and especially that new alternative hand with ice effect! So badass! This figure will get its release on December 2013 too, for ¥9240.

Nefertari Vivi - P.O.P Neo DX, the Arabasta princess is finally back to the POP series with a fourth figure, the new DX Vivi shows a pretty and serene pose of her, I find that the biggest challenge with this figure is the "white" color, not appreciated on figures, but the painter artist did it well with some blue effect. The Jewels are really amazing and her dress is so pretty... God, I'm in love! Our lady will be released in January 2014!

Roronoa Zoro - P.O.P Edition-Z, this is also a unique figure, because it's the first dynamic pose for the best swordsman over all the Grand Line! Red goes well with Zoro's hair color, and yes, this is amazing! A thumb up for this January 2014 release!

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z, no real updates for the captain, but now, he's got nice eyes! Check it up:

That's all for this time, the expo was pretty good and the revelations are well too, we still want more characters and less versions. Hoping that someday we will get our Buggy, maybe with the next event... ?