Armored Franky Sailing Again MAX Postponed!

Good news for some, bad for others, disaster for lovers! This delays have become almost a usual announcement from Megahouse monthly, actually, they recently announced on their website that Armored Franky - P.O.P Sailing Again MAX will be pushed from July to August 2013...
Many people will say this is not a lot to wait for, but I will answer right now saying: This Franky figure is the most awaited P.O.P ever! We're all so excited to get it and complete the Sailing Again set! Well, it's better late than never! For many, this is a good news so they can save the expensive price of it.

I also bring another delay concerning the King of Pirates! Gol D. Roger P.O.P Neo DX is pushed too from August to September 2013. So now, the future releases for the next 3 months are:

July 2013:
Nico Robin - P.O.P Edition-ZRed-Haired Shanks - P.O.P Neo DX

August 2013:
Armored Franky - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUMEdward Newgate Ver.0 - P.O.P Neo EXEdward Newgate - P.O.P Neo DX

September 2013:
Gol D. Roger - P.O.P Neo DXSanji - P.O.P Edition-ZNico Robin - P.O.P Sailing Again