Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Megahobby EXPO Spring 2013 - SATISFACTION!

It happened last weekend (05/25/2013) and we were all glad to see all of these new additions... Megahobby Expo 2013 [SPRING] was a real success, especially when it's about satisfying the fans! Why? Simply  because that Megahouse revealed 7 NEW FIGURES! 7 awesome figures with 0 repaint copies, great revelations are in the rendez-vous, so let's go and discover it...

The P.O.P stand was full of figures, so are old, some are unfinished prototypes and some will be soon in our shelves! I don't really know how to start telling about these news, but let's start with the new figures:

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P Edition-Z, this figure was a surprise, all of us expected the "coat version + giant meet on back" of Luffy, but we've got this, a little bit disappointed at first sight, but when we look closer, it's the best Luffy sculpture ever, and it's dynamic! Luffy is standing with his right hand up! So heroic! The face looks good and pretty faithful to the character, and finally, it's just a prototype, so never expect what they can add to it in the future!

Roronoa Zoro - P.O.P Edition-Z, finally a badass dynamic pose of Zoro, this 5th Edition-Z is just awesome. Zoro is wearing his cape and holding two katanas in face of the enemy, not sure if the santoryu style of Zoro will be available too, but this figure has already all that it need!

Rob Lucci Ver. Leopard - P.O.P Neo DX, this is the biggest surprise ever that we had in this EXPO, I think almost no one expected that to happen! Lucci's Leopard form is incredible, this furtive and ready-for-action pose makes of that piece a must have. The proportions and detail level are perfect, only one thing remains now, another CP9 member!

Juracule Mihawk Ver.2 - P.O.P Neo DX, this is another big surprise we've got! This is a second and much much better figure of Juracule Mihawk, when we compare both of the old and the new one, we can easily realize the rise and improve of techniques between the two periods, Ishiyama Yuuki made his proofs again that he's one of the best POP sculptor! Price will be ¥8400 and expected release date is 2013/10. Enjoy the pictures.

Aokiji Kuzan - P.O.P Edition-Z, Blue Pheasant is back with his time-skip form for more pleasure! The former admiral is so cool with his coat and bandana, the prototype is promising a lot of this figure...

Sengoku - P.O.P Neo DX, finally the Marine guy that we all waited for! Sengoku the Buddha is finally joining the collection to complete the set of the biggest heads of the Marine before the time-skip. A decision that Megahouse finally took, but better than never! Totally serene and cool, this pose makes us remember this scene (Nostalgia), we're expecting a lot when the figure will be released!

Nefertari Vivi - P.O.P Neo DX, another big hit from Megahouse! Yes, this is the EXPO of the surprises! Nefertari Vivi's getting a new figure! This is so far the cutest and prettiest girl figure that will exist! No fan-service, and especially a pretty pose and clothing theme selection! People who are missing the first Vivi will be pleased to get this one! And who knows, maybe a new Carue will be released soon too!

OK, we're done with the new figures, here is some new pictures of the futures figures that will be released soon! One more detail, it seems that Kalifa changes her POP class from Neo DX to Limited Edition, details are still unknown, but keep following, we'll hit with updates as soon as we get them! Enjoy the pics: