Thursday, May 9, 2013

Animarket: Preorder now! SE-MAX Shiki and Edition-Z Sanj!

Animarket opens theirs P.O.P preorders today and they are completely insane! When it comes to a matter of price and service quality, Animarket beats them all! Edition-Z Sanji is available for 69.95$ only in place of  85.00$, this is completely crazy for such a great figure, It comes with a black coat and a bunch of weapons, this is the best Sanji figure ever and it's available at Animarket! Next comes the big and very waited figure of Shiki, the Golden Lion! Another heavy work from Megahouse that worth the MAXIMUM classification! And this is for 139.95$ in place of 180.00$, can't believe it! Shiki is standing on an awesome rocky base and look amazing! Finally, Megahouse is releasing Nico Robin Sailing Again for the second time, the price is again a miracle, only 59.95$ for our sexy archaeologist! Good luck and happy preorders guys!