Thursday, March 21, 2013

Animarket: Crazy P.O.P Prices!

This is so far the best news of the month! Animarket, one of the greatest P.O.P sellers are making exclusive and unbelievable prices for 4 P.O.P figures! Actually, Animarket announced on their Facebook page a heavy discount on the following P.O.P figures...

Initial Price:
New CRAZY price:
Eustass Kid - P.O.P Neo MAXIMUM
Sanji - P.O.P Sailing Again
Killer - P.O.P Neo DX
Shiliew - P.O.P Neo DX

What are you waiting for guys? It's our chance to complete our collections now! The offer is available until the rupture of the stock, and they confirmed that there is only few of each figure, good luck!