Wonder Festival 2013 [Winter] - Color'em up!

The Wonder Festival opens its doors today for a great figure show, unfortunately, Megahouse haven't revealed any new prototype from the Portrait Of Pirates lines, but we're still quiet happy with the colored prototype they showed. Roger, Shanks, Young Whitebeard and Kalifa are awesome and almost ready for preorders announcement! Let's take a tour...

Let's start with the King Of Pirates, Megahouse finally decided to honor Gol D. Roger with a so great figure,  we saw the prototype in the two previous events (Megahobby EXPO Autumn 2012, Jump Festa 2013) but today, we can enjoy the paintings on it. It's just splendid! Roger's cape is shiny, with dark-red and gold colors, and it brings all the beauty of the character. Now we can see the details of the face, with such a mustache, Gold couldn't be cooler!

Next figure is Whitebeard Ver.0, the young Edward looks smiling, I think it's certainly because he's got long golden hair! The colors on this figure surprised me a lot! It's unexpected to get such a result, I really think now that this figure worth to be bought and can placed next to Garp Ver.0 and Roger! It's so strange how paintings can affect the figure, when I first saw the figure when it was exposed during the Jump Festa, Edward seemed to be so serious and angry, but now you can see the difference, right?

Red-Haired Shanks is the third figure to be revealed with finally... a red hair! Shanks looks so handsome, adult and serious now, we're all glad to see that figure to join the collection. Shanks is really a badass! More details about that figure are now available: the figure will be released in 2013/07 for ¥8400 as price! Maybe expensive? We still ignore what are all the extra parts that go with it, but certainly preorders will start next month. Let's just wait and see...

Usually, we say "Ladies first!" but today, we preferred to keep the ladies last, just to keep the best and sweetest part for the end! She's sexy, hot and secret agent! You all know it, Kalifa! That woman is so dangerous, and she's already in attack position! The paintings just made her hotter and nicer! I will not comment about her facial because it's perfect! But... but her body is so detailed, especially her leather dress and that pantyhose. Pervert people, you can now see her black pants! I refuse to say more! Enjoy the pictures by yourself!

That's it for this event, they of course exposed some other figures, which we talked about previously, here is some shots of them. So enjoy it guys and stay tuned for more pictures and updates as soon as we get!