Unpacking P.O.P Official Guidebook P.O.Ps! Limited Edition

Hey guys, we heard about it some months ago, and now it's finally released! It's the Limited Edition of P.O.P Official Guidebook POPs! The first detailed catalog about P.O.P figures ever! Today we're unboxing the package and see what is inside! Thanks to Kazuki-san for pictures...

OK, here we start, the outside box is cool, many prints on each side (name, details, phone numbers, etc), now we open it and find a drawing by Oda Eichiro "King of Figure! P.O.P" The sketches are showing Luffy, Usopp and Nami and it's completely nice!

Once you take away the drawing, you find it, yes! It's finally her, the hot Nami Crimin version is right there next to you! Even the box is nice with hot colors. The figure is classed Sailing Again but has a Limited Edition tag too, that's normal since it's exclusive only for the Limited POPs Artbook version.

Nami looks so hot, the bikini is signed Crimin; the brand name of a fashion line created by Pappug the sea-star. Each detail of Nami's figure is hot, well made, and shows the perfect curves of her body. Enjoy the pictures guys, especially you who are perverted!!

Finally comes the Artbook itself, a full colored book with 151 pages, the first pages are showing some amazing picture of related figures, (example: Sailing Again Mugiwaras, Strong Editions, Shichibukais, or Admirals...), then comes the index of the book, and finally start the different categories of the P.O.P figures.

Each figure got some official picture presented during the preorders and records (Sculptor, Classification, etc...). The best thing is that artbook class each figure, and this makes clear idea for all of us about some confusions we used to have, especially for Limited and Repaints, it's totally awesome!

Are you tempted by it and have no idea where to find it? You can always get yours from Kazuki-san, he can get yours as soon as you contact him, this limited package will get expensive and expensive sooner, but Kazuki can provide it for almost the same price. Get your copy now! Here is some details about the price and shipping fees:

  • The package's price: ¥13400
  • Shipping (EMS only): Asia: ¥3000, US and Australia ¥4000, Europe ¥4600, Brazil ¥7000... (The package is 2 Kg of weight)
The quantity is very limited, only 5! So get yours now! Good luck :)