Proxy Service: Thank you Kazuki-san!

Hi guys, our Proxy Service is 2 months old and it's already getting a huge popularity! Our great savior Kazuki-san helped and continues helping desperate collectors to get the missed pieces of their collections, today we decided to share the happiness of some collectors and show you what he could get for them.

First person to show what he got from Kazuki's Proxy Service is Wikky, he shared the picture of his received package that contains a very great and rare piece! It was Luffy & Toriko Special Lottery Prize! A very rare piece that is hard to obtain, but Wikky got it! It didn't stopped there, Wikky also got 3 other rare and Limited figures: Strong Edition Chopper V2 Mangart Beams T.Chopperman Blue Reflex Version and Chopperman Sky Version!


Wikky Gunawan:
"Thanks to Kazuki Sugiyama!! Nice service, friendly, fast response."

More people tried also our Proxy Service! Jose's package contained Chopperman Sky VersionChopperman Mangart Beams T. Version and other One Piece stuff (Picture 1), Nick's got Billy - STUFFED Collection feat. POP (Picture 2) and Geon's got another rare item, it's the most wanted and desired Marine figure ever! Monkey D. Garp V0.


Jose Ucl├ęs:
"Only miss Chopperman Red! Thank you so much Kazuki Sugiyama!
You can look for, but won't find better proxy!"

All of these guys seems to be very happy and satisfied with Kazuki-san, we recorded some of their feedback. You can click on each picture to read what they think about it (will redirect you to our Facebook page).  So thank you Kazuki-san for your help! I am also one of his customers and I approve the quality of his services and recommend him! So what are you waiting for? Go and talk to him now!