Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jump Festa 2013 - The Big Megahouse Show!

It was really unexpected from Megahouse to show new figures at the Jump Festa, the event who take place at Makhari Messe, between 22 and 23 December. Actually, the figure manufacturer exposed a bunch of new updates and 3 new figures, it was unexpected to do it after the tsunami of new pieces shown at the Megahobby Expo during the last month. But it's always a pleasure to see what the future is hiding to us!

So let's see what we've got and let's start by introducing the new figures, first one is a young Edward Newgate, the legendary pirate makes its come back in the P.O.P series with a Limited figure showing his younger age. The statue is very nice, but it's almost the same White-beard DX figure with an alternative head and probably different paintings. It's exactly same case as what happened with DX Garp and EX Garp V0. Let's just wait and see.

Next to come is Sanji Edition-Z, the third piece in the Z Movie collection, after Chopper and Nico Robin, Sanji decided to show up his head with a lot of weapons and a Doflamingo Style! The figure shows a younger Sanji just like Chopper, it's certainly an effect side inspired from the movie, so no spoils until everyone of you watch it! The only thing that "look strange" is his right hand, it looks a little short comparing to his body, but since it's a prototype, it can be fixed later, let's just hope for that! The details are absolutely awesome, cigarette on his mouth as always, Sanji looks amazing and helps to see what the Edition-Z series will bring!

Third figure to be revealed is a Limitation of Chopper Edition-Z, the Mangart Beams stores are hitting again and they produce their own version. Known for their monochrome paintings, Mangart Beams T. Chopper follow this rule and get a nice black and white reproduction. It's very cute and nice looking, the figure will be released in May 2013, the price will be ¥3500.

That's all with the new figures, but it doesn't stop here, Megahouse brings more in their cases, the new updates of their prototypes is amazing! Here you got:

Biggest update ever is Franky, or Armored Franky like Megahouse now calls this figure! First impressive thing is the price! ¥15750!!! Very expensive but it worth it when you see the numerous gadgets and alternative pieces! There is a lot of pieces into this figure, it seems to be very mechanical one that can be articulated and even more... I can easily say that it's the greatest figure ever that we could see! But it seems that Megahouse want to torture its fans, Franky will be a Limited Edition! I still can't believe it, why they do that to us? Megahouse, no don't please! Anyway, whatever was the distribution, we will get it! Franky's release date is finally fixed for July 2013 and the sculptor of this amazing piece is ATTM.

Sailing Again Trafalgar Law gets his colors and an alternative pose, the colors are amazing, showing a ruder pirate who deserves the Shichibukai title with all of his dark allure! It's amazing to see him raising his finger just like he did in the Manga to raise a Marine Warship! This epic moment will be saved forever with this statue! Awesome Law will be released May 2013 and the price will be ¥8400.

Next, Shanks get another alternative pose too, after holding Luffy's hat on his hand, Shanks now is handing his sword and crying, another story-inspired-moment, when Shanks cry to stop the war.The Red-Haired pirate looks so strong and we finally can get a serious Shanks to expose in our shelves!

Sadi-Chan's turn now, they finally show her in colors! Sexy sexy sexy! This is how she looks, despite the fact that it will be a limited figure, Sadi-Chan will be certainly very popular, not only the P.O.P fans will get it, but all the perverted collectors for the only reason that she's so hot XD! The colors are amazing, smooth and shiny, what to make a BIG THUMB UP for the figure! Sadi-Chan will be released June 2013 for ¥8190, it will be sold as a limited figure. Nico Robin Edition-Z also gets colors, it's nice, simple and sexy too! I'll let the pictures talk!

Roger gets some new and epic gadgets, now we all need to buy 2 Rogers, both of the known poses are really great! The new pose show the execution scene of the King of Pirates! Nostalgic moment! Kalifa have some sope on her body, it's a good idea to show a little of her powers too! Finally, Shiki's got an edited base, that's all for him!