Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Shots of Rob Lucci Ver.1.5!

This is the second figure to be released with a 1.5 on its name, actually, Megahouse decided to re-edit the figure of Rob Lucci with a major revision, and this month -for people who previously ordered it of course- the Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition Rob Lucci 1.5 figure is knocking the door of its buyers.

Rob Lucci on his best form ever! This is how I can describe this figure, the repaint job is not the most spectacular new detail but is perfect enough to give it some new dimensions. Concerning the Neo edition, the black suit was almost painted from one black, so no clear shadows nor gradients unlike what we see with the new revision. The 1.5 comes with a new alternative face showing Lucci's open-hair, of course the ponytail is available too, so now you've got the possibility to give it a new look and maybe expose 2 of him if you already own the Neo! The head can rotate this time, a new degree of liberty was clever from Megahouse, we really enjoyed this, and also, he's got three right hands now! Finally, Hattori's magnetic seems to be improved, the pigeon can find its place peacefully with no pains, Hattori has also changed his pose, it's crossing its wings now and the painting on it are darker.

Well, it's a very successful re-edition, Megahouse did well by editing that old figure which becomes very rare now, we avoid another useless repaint job, this is how we like our collection!