Sunday, November 25, 2012

Megahobby EXPO Autumn 2012: Clash of the Titans!

Megahobby EXPO Autumn 2012 is definitely the most important exposition ever that took place in 2012! The new announcements are really huge, very huge! We're used to the fact that Megahouse always release the best of them on the Megahobby, but never expected that it can takes that level of bigness! 8 NEW FIGURES! Yes, Megahouse announced 8 new figures that are all great!
This year, Megahouse releases heavy products! First revealed figure was Trafalgar Law Sailing Again (SPOIL!), a totally cool pose and details that we started to miss with the latest releases that were all in Dynamic poses. the new Shichibukai is a success, we're waiting to see the colored version now!
Next was Shanks! They did it, finally an older Shanks that deserve all the power of the character. He looks huge, powerful and very serious. That pose reminds us the Marine Ford moment when Shanks found back his hat then sent it to Luffy (thanks to Buggy that helped, but haven't got a figure on his honor yet!). It's very different from the first Shanks released years ago (Neo Shanks), but close enough to the Strong World version.

We also got Sadi-Chan from the Impel Down Arc, that bloody-lover is finally joining the P.O.P collection, and what a surprise, it's a Limited Edition. We still ignore the reason, but it's totally SEXY! Yes, Sadi-Chan comes with all of her fan-service! Perverts gonna love! Same as Kalifa, she's so hot! Kalifa's figure is Dynamic in attack pose. The statue makes us remember Bayonetta's pose, but the CP9 agent is much hottest! Now I understand the reason to release a 1.5 Rob Lucci... The details on her is very precious, I really love how she stands.

Now listen to the drums guys, it's the big time to see GOL D. ROGER! Yes, finally, after all of these years of wishing this figures, he's showing up his head! My god, he's too good to be real! One of the very most wanted figures, and Megahouse put her best on it! Enjoy its pictures guys.
It's not only Roger who is a great pirate (and figure), Shiki is also joining the collection, with a great pose and probably a unique base style (like Shirahoshi), he looks big, and the quality is amazing! Next are two Z film figures: Robin and Chopper, this last one is the only figure in colors, it's so cute! You must see it!

Finally, after a long time, we can now see a Colored Sailing Again Franky! It's very well made, colors are super and very shiny, probably chromed metallic paintings. The cyborg is very huge that's why he's classified under POP SA Maximum! Yes, just like Kid! Pockets will get a nice hole when time comes for it!
This Megahobby EXPO is very amazing! I really feel satisfied with all of these news, also glad to know what the new year is preparing to us! So, enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned, this post will be continually updated!