Thursday, November 15, 2012

Custom P.O.P: Beyond obsession!

The P.O.P line is the best One Piece figure collection ever, they are awesomely perfect but some collectors want to go deeper and want more than what Megahouse offers. How they do it? They make their own custom versions of the figures! Yes, they do it and they make it perfect!

Actually, the custom versions of the figures are unlimited since it's differs from a collector to another, sometimes it's successful, sometimes it's a disaster. Also the custom level depends on how the artist\collector wants to transform his figure; it can be a repaint (deeper colors or even different), create an anterior or posterior character outfit, make more faithful weapons, create a battle scene or even make a fan-art figure (more here). These customs are super expensive comparing to the original ones, especially when they are well done, some serious collectors consider them as real pieces of art, most of them are sold at Yahoo Japan Auction, and they are hard to obtain in other countries. (You can always use the good services of our proxy if you would like to get some of them)

That's not all, people went even farther to create new gadgets and additional parts. Parts that other people who are unable to custom their figures can simply assemble them like the official gadget of the concerned one. Here is a selection of the best parts that we found around. These can be bought via internet, actually a member of our forum (3D2Y) is organizing a group-buy to buy them, if you're interested, here is the link to see how it's going.