Saturday, October 13, 2012

Proxy Service: Because we care about your collection!

Hey guys, we recently opened a Proxy-Service for you so you can catch up and get the missing pieces for your collection with cheapest prices! How? That's simple, with our Proxy-Service, you have now the chance to get the rare and limited figure directly from Japan, because it's pretty much cheaper and the availability is more important there. Let me tell you an example...

You would like to buy Monkey D. Garp V0 - Portrait Of Pirates EX? We all now that the price of this figure is really expensive (¥27,000 + Shipping at Nippon Yasan for example), but with the help of our friend Kazuki, you can get yours now for up to 50% cheaper!!! Yes, Japan is full of great chances but the problems remains how to access to them! Today we're offering you a great chance to get what you need from there, it can be anything (legal of course), it doesn't have to be related to the POP collection or Manga, Kazuki-san is trusted by many people, I personally tried dealing with him before and I can tell, he's TOTALLY a very picky guy that cares about his customers and packages! Today, I decided to share his generous help with you guys, so enjoy it. We created a page that contains all the detail on how to contact him, find it here on in the menu bar: Proxy Service.