New Shots of Nico Robin "Repaint Version"!

While it's time to get the Sailing Again Robin, it seems that MegaHouse has revealed its drawer bottoms with a Neo Nico Robin reissue (released in 2008), this time in metallic repaint. While the new-world costumes are still fresh in the minds of fans -the archaeologist is probably the most maligned-, the manufacturer takes the opportunity to offer us a "new" alternative version without forgetting to increase the price of almost 50% compared to the first edition.
Anyway, this is a statuette that doesn't amaze us at all because although its hardly undeniable qualities, this sculpture and character design were rather old, when we look at what MegaHouse can offer now especially with the Sailing Again series. The proportions of the young woman are surprising when looking at from certain angles and the size as well as the hips are, if not grotesque, missed.
What to say else about that repaint, it does not bring anything new to the table. This is not the first time that MegaHouse proposes such a version, but here we have a little trouble understanding the interest compared to a classic reissue. In any case, those who have missed the figure 4 years ago will probably be satisfied with this model, at least, it remains below the actual price of the original.