Saturday, August 25, 2012

キャラホビ2012 C3×HOBBY - Some (very) little Surprises!

Today, August 25th, started a new event at Japan, it's the C3 X Hobby (Chara Hobby) 2012! Show organised by Hobby Japan and Dengenki Hobby. A bit commercial and gun-pla focused, but still a little bit of fun. Like always, we will be concentrating on the P.O.P figures (oh yeah!)

There is no real big events at this time, from the primary photos, we've got a painted Shiliew prototype and a new accessory for Eustass; now we can see the Kid using his magnetism to form a giant hand out of scrap metal. The textures and details of that hand are looking seriously perfect, the hand is well sized compared with the figure itself, and makes it looks huge! Eustass is on his best form ever, something that makes that figure a must have! Concerning Shiliew, no good images are available for the moment, we feel a little upset for the colors we're seeing now, but it's still a prototype, and it's still some bad quality pictures, once we've got more we will update you! now we've got good picture, we're completely changing our opinion, the figure is so so cool with great deep colors that reflect the evil inside of the character. Stay tuned and talk to you very soon guys.