Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An important One Piece bootlegs seller arrested!

Bootlegs, worst word that a collector can ever hear! Many people suffered from being bootleg sellers' victims, and many people stopped buying figures because they are scared. What a shame...

Recently, a 21-year-old Chinese student living in Japan has been arrested on suspicions of selling 1300 bootleg One Piece figures online for more than 63000 USD (¥5 million) in a one year period between February 2011 and July 2012. The suspect declared that he knew they were bootlegs and fake products, and pretend that he has no other choice to live. For a living? Boy, that's pretty much! Anyway, the figures were imported from China before going to online auction in Japan.

Police also found 85 One Piece bootlegs at his home, with the intent to sell. It'd be nice if law enforcement world wide were as aware of these activities as the Japanese are. Japanese police have arrested a number of similar sellers as of late, but this is easily the most important case among them.