Friday, July 13, 2012

ToysLogic - July's new arrivals

Our friends in ToysLogic are always bringing the best of One Piece! Let's see what's new in their shop.

First important item of this month, are these cutie Petit Chara Land, this edition is called Sanjis Paradise Box because of the beauties inside of it: Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock, Princess Shirahoshi and Perona are there with a Chibi-style and very cute form! Also, there is a secret inside of the package, a stoned Sanji! Hard to resist the beauty of Grand Line girls huh! Let's see what's next! Thousand Sunny preorders from The Grandline Ships collection, the key-holders One Piece HOOK 4 Box, and 5 awesome Figuarts ZERO figures: Sanji, Shanks, Yassop, Benn Beckman and Magellan, all that for awesome good prices and super safe shipping worldwide! Enjoy it guys!