Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Piece Z - 3rd report: Characters Revelation and a New Trailer!

Yes, like the title said, finally, the characters of this new movie are revealed, also, now we've got a close and clear view of the new Mugiwaras' style! They are wearing like real pirates this time, but of course with Oda's genius touch! Well, let's see...


Synopsis (SPOIL):

Said to be comparable to the Ancient Weapons, the Marines' trump card 'The Dyna Stone' has suddenly been stolen. And the terrifyingly powerful man responsible, former Marine Admiral 'Z' stands in the path of the Straw Hat Pirates. The Marine HQ finally moves forward to deal with the conspiracy that threatens to shake the very pillars of the New World. Elsewhere, Aokiji pursues the Straw Hat gang. And finally, Luffy and his crew move to take a stand against Z and his incredible power.

Character Design: