Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Shots of Chopperman Chopperman Universal Blue Ver.

"Chopperman Chopperman Chopperman! Megahouse, you're doing it right but you're overdoing it!" This is what the major part of POP Collectors are thinking, but let me tell you guys, these Colored versions of Chopperman are not considered officially released by Megahouse, I mean, they are made as a custom order for big companies so they make ads with it! Many Limited POP figure were made for that reason, for example, this Chopperman, it's made for Universal Studios Japan "One Piece Premier Summer", so you can buy it from there, and you can't order it "officially" from online stores... So guys, never hate Megahouse because they release a lot of Chopperman, and never think that these continuous releases will slow future figures' releases, we all love One Piece, and especially our lovely POP Collection!