Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chopper Kyupin Ver. (キュピーン Ver.) - The Summer Events Exclusivity!

Some news today about that new limited Chopper, this Chopper version is called: Tony Tony Chopper Kyupin Ver. (キュピーン Ver.), it will be exclusive at 3 events:

United States of Odaiba (24 July 2012)
Charahobby 2012 (25-26 August 2012)
Wonfest 2012 Summer (29 July 2012)

More Details about that figure:

Price (when released): ¥2500
Release Date: 2012/07
Re-release: 2012/08
Run: Limited
Dimensions: H=110mm

That's all, we will update you soon with official shots and the final file. Stay tuned guys!