Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Piece Z - 2nd report: Aokiji in the MIX!

Hi guys, I got a hot news, now we know a little more about the next One Piece movie (check our first report about this movie); It's Aokiji who will be in the movie!!! Yes, the former-admiral (sorry for the spoil) will be "maybe, but will appear for sure" a main character in the movie, Oda has finally shown up the new look of Aokiji, and also, the Z costumes of the Mugiwaras. Guys, they are just AWESOME!!! I wonder if Megahouse will produce a new line concerning this movie... Hit Read more to see them!
The new Aokiji is looking so cool and a little like Jango, Sanji is looking like a Black Doflamingo, and the biggest surprise: a covered Nami! (I love Brook's new hair style too)...

One Piece Z teaser: