Nami Crimin version, more about!

An important news was published in the Weekly Shounen Jump! This Nami figure is called: Portrait Of Pirates Sailing Again Nami Crimin ver. (criminal version) and she's totally HOT!!! We know only some few data about it, this Nami will be available exclusively with the limited edition of the New Portrait Of Pirates guidebook "POPs" that will be released on December 2012. Of course there will be an ordinary edition of this guidebook, but no Nami included with it!

So, the Limited Edition of the "POPs" guidebook will include:
  • Official Guidebook
  • A message by Eiichiro Oda
  • A very luxurious box
  • Portrait Of Pirates Sailing Again Nami Crimin Ver.
All of these will cost 11.000¥ (expensive!), preorders will end up by August 8th, and release date will be December 20th, 2012. Prepare your money guys, and good luck! To apply in, the application form is attached to next week's Weekly Shounen Jump.