No Europe for sexy ladies, Bonney canceled in Europe!

As indicated in the title of this article, bad news for people who pre-ordered POP DX Jewelry Bonney in shops provided by AbyssCorp. (European Models). Unfortunately, it seems that because of her pose a little too "sexy", the marketing of the figure was simply canceled in Europe. I invite you to discover the message sent by Abyss.

"Dear customers, I would contact you because we have been forced to cancel a backorder on a POP One Piece. This is the reference FIGMEG144 ONE PIECE - POP Excellent Model - NEO-DX Jewelry Bonney. Toei, license owner, wants to rejuvenate and control it but also prohibit the distribution in Europe of all that is wrong in this direction. The pose of the figure too suggestive of Bonney has pushed the Toei to prohibit the marketing in Europe. We are therefore forced to withdraw from sale this reference and we will therefore not able to deliver. We apologize for this late procedure and we are sorry for possible repercussions to your customers. For information as it is a European directive that affects so all suppliers."

So, all people who ordered Bonney from European Stores should now look for another place to get her! I feel sorry for all of you, and wish you good luck!