Saturday, May 26, 2012

Megahobby EXPO Spring 2012 - New Figures Revealed!!!!

One hour since the Megahobby EXPO started and we all already got our hearts beating like Formulas, the new revelation are awesome! Finally Megahouse LISTEN to the fans feedback, we've got a lot of new figures, and some awesome limited Edition, Kid and Killer are finally joining the Supernovas, Shiliew will meet his new Boss in your showcase soon, and the awesome and sexy Perona is back after two years with a new outfit! Oh, we've got a new Chopper figure, it's the Kung-Fu point form this time! Usopp is finally showing some colors, and Franky's got a new head! Concerning the limited figures, a new repaint of Nico Robin Neo, a new head for Rucci, and a new repaint of Chopper Sailing Again! Enjoy and stay tuned for more pictures soon!

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