One Piece Film Z - Next One Piece Movie's got a name!

Information is fallen through the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, the next One Piece film will be called  officially: "One Piece Movie Z". A title that make you think of Dragon Ball Z... But this time, "Z" will be the name of a mysterious character; the main protagonist of the film. The film will take place in the New World which is still aired on Japanese TVs since the fall of 2011. The 12th film will be released in theaters December 15, 2012, in Japan! Eiichiro Oda will be the executive producer (again) of this new film. The film will feature the crew of the Mugiwaras against a formidable foe named "Z". The author added that there will be a heroic battle between Luffy and Z (who will win?). One Piece Film Z will be directed by Tatsuya Nagamine, he was also on the draft One Piece: The Desert Princess and Pirates (movie 8).