Saturday, April 14, 2012

Arlong and Brook in the Miyazawa Exhibition 2012

It's always a joy to see the new Portrait Of Pirates figures in real before their release date. And today, at the Miyazawa Exhibition, Megahouse is exposing some of its marvelous creations and it's totally awesome: POP Sailing Again Brook and POP DX Arlong. In an amazing and dynamic battle pose, these figures are just making a big buzz everywhere. Megahouse totally convinced us about the new Brook, many people were afraid to see it come alive especially after seeing some other Time Skip Brook figure, but the Sailing Again one rocks! Great color use, frightening face expression, and especially, the SOUL SOLID!!! (no spoils). Arlong is so cool too, it comes with his Sword and his teeth attack. (Click Read more to see photos)