Friday, March 9, 2012

Q&A - "Toys Logic" Interview!

We've got a new interview with a new online-store for today, it's Toys Logic, we chose them because of their hard-working and excellent services, they always did it right! I thanks Toys Logic's Staff for giving me this precious chance and for their time. Let's start!

Q: Hi, let's start by introducing your online store, we would like to know how do you introduce and describe your own business?

A: Toyslogic is an Anime Merchandise On-line Store. The company was established since 2006. Our company motto is - Otaku for Life - A company created by Otaku for Otaku. It is our goal to provide the most up to dated, limited and popular Anime merchandise at a reasonable price. Our company offers a large varieties of Anime products, ranging from Figures to cell-phone charm and T-shirt. We are proud that we only offer authentic products. One thing that distinguishes us from other stores is that not only we know most of the series that we are selling, we are also very passionate about Anime. Another important goal of our company is to produce a "high quality and well designed" Anime licensed product. In Japan, it is uncommon to find a lot of poor quality Anime licensed product. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the US. I remember when a Japanese manufacturer came visit us at a convention. While he was browsing through different vendors booth, he pointed a small Anime merchandise and asked: "Is this legit?" Because both the packaging and the product itself did look questionable. But it is indeed a US licensed product. We want to change that and offer high quality and well designed Anime products. I think our Anime fan in the US deserve more. Our first line of production is T-shirt based on Licensed Anime Series (One piece is the first series). We are selling under the company called "Why Donkey". The website is coming soon.

Q: What are the biggest advantages when buying goods from ToysLogic?


  • Save on shipping, especially when you purchase multiple items. We allow customer to combine her orders to help save on the shipping. This is not always the case for Japanese sellers.
  • Offer exchange and return when item is damage upon receiving.
  • Offer special ordering services for preordering special limited items.
  • You are buying from a company that is created by collector, so we understand the expectation and requirements of a collector both on the packing and packaging condition of the item.

Q: Do you control each package you receive before shipping it?

A: As I pointed out in the previous answer. Yes, we do check our item before shipping. Especially on Figurines and their packaging. Some company charge extra for box in good condition, while for us, this is a given and we don't charge any extra for it. If there is any dent in the box, we would try to find another replacement. In case if we don't have any extra, we will inform the customer. We only sell damaged box items during convention at a steep discounted price, so that customer know what they are getting.

Q: I see that you're making special status for you faithful clients; would you tell us more about your client ranking system?

A: Haha, how did you know that. Are you one of our customer? As you can see, we don't advertise this ranking system at all, it is truly a way to say thanks for our loyal customers. The system is based on how much you spend in a year, and we will give additional discount accordingly. Again, we don't want to use this as our advertisement, think of it as a thank you token to our friends, while some of them has been with us from the beginning.

Q: Many figure collectors avoid getting US figure distribution, what would you say to them?

A: I can reassure you that Japanese version and US version figurines are the same in most case. Especially for POP figures. They came from the same factory. The Gold and Silver sticker (for oversea) and the Funimation stickers are probably the only difference. It is more benefit to the customer to buy a US distributed version both in term of price and availability. This is true especially for POP figures. POP distribution in Japan is tightly controlled by several large distribution companies. Even for the large Japanese retail shops, the quantity are not generally not guarantee (Megahouse do not sell directly to even the largest Japanese retail stores) . On the other hand, US Distributed POP figures are "made to order", that is, if we order, say 500 pieces from Megahouse, the factory will produce 500 pieces in addition to the Japan distribution, so our quantity is guarantee.

Q: Finally, how do you value your reputation (give a number from 1 to 10) and for communicating your clients too (give a number from 1 to 10).

A: I will be honest, and not give myself a very good score, cause I believe that there is still a lot of room to be improved, and I believe that as long as we are being consistent, we can get to 9 and 10 one day. Reputation: 6.5 I give our company such a low score because our constant delay problem, and sometimes we cannot guarantee on the quantity on the limited items. It is a constant battle with the Japanese Suppliers (which we actually use a several) We are thankful to our customers who understand that and support us, and I am sorry to those who don't. In addition, our inventory are not as good as other on-line retailers. We are constantly improving on this by better methodology and software. Communication: 8 We are doing better. We are after all a small company, so we can be very short on people especially during busy convention season. But I think Edrick (Our main email person) is doing much better than the previous employee, and he don't go to convention in general.

"You must know that this interview is for free, we haven't received anything from the current Store to do it, we chose this store due to its reputation, if you also have a store and would like to be interviewed please contact us"