Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garp V0 - Where to get it ?

This Limited Edition figure left for many collectionner a bitter taste, this is mainly because it's so successful and so hard to get now. It's just a simple "refresh" of the DX Garp, but the result is so good that you could almost believe in a new version. Moreover, it would suffice to change the pose of your original Garp to avoid a feeling of duplication. (Of course if you got both!). This figure is unfortunately getting rared day by day; it was exclusive for Japan only (Don Quixote Stores Limitation). Thank to profiteer-sellers that over-bought it and now are selling it for absurd prices! I am trying with this post to put in your hands some of the available Garp ver. 0 online, you can (MAYBE, if you're lucky!) find better offers, but who knows! Good luck guys :)