Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter] - POP Stand

Today, Japan, held the Winter Wonder Festival 2012, big event for the world of plastic and figures. Most manufacturers were therefore present to make some announcements, and MegaHouse took the opportunity to present his Portrait of Pirates.

To be honest, their stand was a bit disappointing since only one real announcement was made. Besides the fact you could see improved prototypes of Robin, Usopp, Franky and Brook, they are still in monochrome, which is a shame. We do not even have information on a possible release date, we just know they are planned for 2012. MegaHouse makes up a little by presenting us with a character that many expected, there is the famous Arlong!

The statue has a remarkable quality in the prototype stage. Indeed, the pose is very dynamic, the sculpture seems very thorough, and although we can not even see closely his face, the smile seems to be this evil. Also, as you will notice, Arlong will have his famous sword, which is a very valuable asset with a character like that.