Sunday, February 5, 2012

Q&A - "Animarket" Interview!

Today we're starting something new, we're trying to get customers and collectors closer to their preferred Online Store, and today we invited Animarket for a little and short interview, so people know how they deal with their orders! Why Animarket? I honestly heard some good things about it, and they are friendly on Facebook, so better start with someone friendly and helpful ^^ And this is how we started!

Q: Hi, I would like to ask you some questions about your store. How do you send your packages?

A: Packages are sent using EMS Speedpost from Singapore (Megahouse's main distribution center in Asia). The parcels are packed bulletproof, and also, I'm currently trying to work with UPS alsoto try to bring the shipping cost down for countries in Zone F and Zone G.

Q: Are your preorders always sure (or you have sometimes to cancel some clients preorders)?

A: My account with Megahouse limits me to 2000 pieces per figure, after 2000 I can not order more. So if the order is placed before the deadline then 2000 people will 100% get their orders lol. (I don't think I will ever reach this number). And if the volume of orders were there, I could bring my prices down even more. One important think is that I don't ask for upfront payments when my clients make their orders!

Q: What do you do when the client never gets his packages?

A: This has never happened as I only ship using EMS Speed Post. Every movement of the package is trackable.If there are delays it is usually stuck in customs and when this is the case, I communicate with SpeedPost to get that parcel to move through. In the case that a parcel does become lost, it's all fully insured so the customer would just get a refund.

Q: Do you check the pieces for each figure?

A: It is impossible to check every figure, but in the case where there is a defect, we work closely with Megahouse to get a replacement part to the customer.However Megahouse have a very good QC department and I haven't had any defective incidents so far. Hope to stay that way!

Q: What do you do if somebody received a defected figure? (It can be a manufacturer's fault as it can be the post's fault).

A: As above, if it's the posts fault, the parcel is fully insured so the damages are paid by the post.

Q: Finally, how do you value your reputation (give a number from 1 to 10) and for communicating your clients too (give a number from 1 to 10).

A: Reputation is everything. Especially for an online business. Without reputation and community what is there? A website with pictures and prices on it. That's why I created this Facebook, I think of it like a shop community and live chat/customer support.

"You must know that this interview is for free, we haven't received anything from the current Store to do it, we chose this store due to its reputation, if you also have a store and would like to be interviewed please contact us"