Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preorder! Luffy, Nami and Chopper Sailing Again Re-release

Megahouse announced that the next preorders will be concerning the re-release of Luffy, Nami and Chopper Sailing Again! That's a too fast re-release, but I am really glad because of what they announced, just to tease the people that are using these figures' popularity and selling them up to 3 times their ordinary prices! Let me show you an example: Nippon-Yasan! (Screen Shot)
Anyway, thank you Megahouse, you're saving our pocket for a month and making us avoid paying double price for some figures, I hope you'll make the same for some others and maybe one day we'll see this come true:

As always, here is the countdown to the next pre-orders. Stay tuned!