Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Will "Thatch" join the Portrait Of Pirates Collection ?

Today, we're making a particular post, before anything, you must know that: Nothing is serious and official yet, only rumors and deduction; We've found some "rumors" saying that Thatch will be in the Portrait Of Pirates figure collection (probably a DX P.O.P), we've also found photos of the figure itself (still in progress), I hesitated before making the news because I am not 100% sure about it, I spent too much time searching and contacting people, so I think I will tell you!

Who is Thatch? That was the first question I said when I saw the figure's picture, Thatch is a division commander of Whitebeard Pirates and is the one that got killed by Blackbeard in order to steel the Demon Fruit, for more about him: One Piece Wiki.

If it's true, this figure will come in Winter 2012, I hope I am right! =D
OK, now place to the photos...

There is no Thatch figure!
SORRY! ^^"

(We're just trying to make things better for you,
so don't blame us in the future if nothing happened lol)

Special thanks to: FJay and KiraYamato44.