Sunday, December 11, 2011

P.O.P Neo Vs. Original Series - The biggest differences!

Hi there, today we are going to talk about the biggest differences between POP Original Series, and POP Neo, (what ??) Don't worry, today you'll learn much about it and will know how to make difference when buying some figures online, especially when you buy opened and old figures!

First, let's talk a little about the Original Series, it's the first released figures ever! Yes, it's the first collection that Megahouse launched for One Piece, called: Portrait Of Pirates, the figures were quite good, but in a second release, Megahouse improved them with a lot of changes! (Check all the Original Series figures here).

After that, when time came for the second release, the new released figures were spectacularly different from the first edition, here is the major improvements done for the Neo collection:

Monkey D. Luffy: Original \ Neo

  • The leaning post from series 1 is gone, replaced by some pegs on the base for the feet to attach to.
  • The paint job has improved, this is particularly visible with his skin color.
  • His head has been completely revamped.
  • Now, Luffy's face really looks like his manga counterpart.
  • His hair doesn't have this "going through the wind" feeling anymore.
  • His hat has been equally revamped.
  • Its border doesn't have the enlacing straw pattern anymore.
  • The overall circular pattern, simulating straw composing the hat, has been replaced by a more complex weaving pattern.
  • The hat string is shorter. So although that was not needed before, now you must pop Luffy's head off before you are able to put the string around his neck (in series 1 version, you can't remove the head and both arms).

Nami: Original \ Neo

  • The leaning post from series I is gone, replaced by some pegs on the base for the feet to attach to.
  • The paint job saw a revamp: her short trouser color goes from light purple to dark brown, and her skin and her hair look more natural.
  • Her facial expression changed slightly.
  • Her bikini breastband has a more complex and detailed pattern.

Roronoa Zoro: Original \ Neo

  • The leaning post from series I is gone, replaced by some pegs on the base for the feet to attach to.
  • His initial pose on his base has been tweaked with a global rotation of about 30° to his left for a better effect.
  • On the original series, he was looking straight forward, now on the Neo run, he's looking to his right.
  • The painting job saw on overhaul revamp.
  • His hair color changed for a darker green.
  • His skin looks less rosy, with some shadowing, and more natural.
  • His goggles changed from pure white parts to silver ones.
  • His red sword saw his hilt going from a vivid red enlacing pattern to a dark purple one.

Smoker: Original \ Neo

  • Although his foot spots didn't change on the base, his upper body turned a little to his right in order for him to face straight.
  • His jawline is larger and more defined.
  • The cigarettes have a better sculpting rendering.
  • The painting job changed as followed:
  • His hair has now some white effects to separate his locks,
  • The skin tone looks more natural,
  • The cigarettes on his jacket are of a darker brown and the inner side of his jacket is in a darker red with some shadings,
  • His jeans have improved gradients,
  • His boot laces are black.

Now we talked about these 4 figures, we really hope you enjoyed and learned how to make differences between them, but, if you still have some troubles when trying to buy a figure, just Google the name of the figure and try to guess which one you are going to buy, you can look for it here in our blog and finally you can just contact us and ask about it, we will respond you as soon as possible! If you want us to make another report about other figures, just ask for it OK? Now, we will leave with this little test:

What are the Original Series figures in this collection ?