Jump Festa 2012 New "Sailing Again" Figures Revealed!

Hot new! Today starts the new Jump Festa 2012, Megahouse unleashed the best surprises ever: They are exposing the rest of the Mugiwaras in their new look; now, the Sailing Again Collection is completed (concerning Luffy's Crew): Usopp, Brook, Nico Robin and Franky are finally here, and they completely rock!!! Megahouse shows the colored version of Benn Beckman, he's totally insane and cool! Also, Megahouse announced a new Limited Edition Figure, it's Luffy this time! Check the photos, we will upload more in the day, so stay tuned! (Click Read More to see the photos)

Other Shots:

Luffy Limited Edition, Gecko Moria, Bepo (Stuffed)