Happy New Year 2012 !!!

Hi dear people, Happy New Year 2012!!

2011 has "finally" (almost) gone,
it was a hard year for many people; disasters, revolutions, wars and much more, I would like to share this video by Google, then I would like to share a moment of Solidarity with everyone who lost someone or something precious in 2011... But it was also a year full of dreams, happiness and especially P.O.P figures!
Our Blog is still young but we lived a very nice experience, we met new friends, and the most important; we tried to help other as possible as we could, so, thanks to every person who visited, shared, commented and loved even a little detail from our Blog, we promise you all to get better and better in the future...

Expect us in the new year with new features and of course more news about your favorite figures :)

Our best wishes for you all :) We love you ^^