Monday, October 3, 2011

The Special Prizes

The Special figures are the very rared and very expensive ones, this is the kind of things that make difference between different collections, sometimes, your actual place where you live can affect on your collection, and sometimes your economic level, so you can be lucky if you're in Japan, you can be lucky if you are rich, but what to do if you don't have these but you are just "a real POP fan" ? Poor guys we are! XD

Well today, we will show you some close shots of 2 rare items from the POP collection, the Luffy + Toriko Lottery Prize and the Ace Dome Tour Limitation Version, enjoy these photos guys!

Luffy & Toriko Special Lottery Prize!

It's a repaint of Luffy Marine Ford DX; a limited to 1000 pieces lottery prize, it comes together with this Toriko Figure by Megahouse. To participate to this raffle, you had to buy a list of specific products in 7-Eleven shops, receipts would give you serial numbers that must be input in the dedicated webpage. Every ¥300 spent gave you 1 point. Those points allowed you to participate to the raffle for an unlimited amount of entries. Figures required 3 points for one entry. The promotion ran from March 1st to 31th 2011, points could be reedem until April 2nd 2011.

There is some Stores that are selling these figures, but for a high price, like Anime-Export, I will let you discover the price by your own when clicking on it! Now Place to the shots:

Portgas D. Ace "Dome Tour Limitation Version" - Portrait Of Pirates DX

We already talked about this figure, I will just give you the link of the post, then give place to the shots: A Very Ace Figure!

You can see a comparison between the standard version and the Dome Tour Limitation Version. These are not my figures, so don't worry and don't envy me, I don't own a real big collection, at least I have the essentials 

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Le prix est énorme, j'aurai du les prendre et vendre ensuite >.<

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