Friday, September 16, 2011

You make our family bigger! Support us today!!!

Hi POP fans, it's almost one month that we launched our blog, and we already plan to extend it and make it bigger! We decided to put this post to let you know about our future features:

  1. A Forum where we can all talk about our passions; Figures, Anime, Manga and many more will be there too.
  2. We decided to make our blog in 2 languages; we decided to add French and we will maybe add more later.
  3. A wallpaper Section, since I (Aladdin) am a graphic designer and I made a good amount of wallpapers, but you can see the most of them here (Anime Paper).
  4. Extend the information features about the figures and add photos and videos. and many more!
  5. A Facebook fan page where you can follow the latest news and see what others think about the POP figures.

So, we just need your support! Join our Blog and subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us in Twitter and help us spreading our words! We will appreciate seeing some comments from you on our posts too ^^ It's really simple, and won't take more than some simple clicks =)

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